We emphasize knowledge creation, knowledge circulation and change management in all our projects.


Our projects fall into the categories of strategy, policy, operations and transformations. We have led projects in organizational change, knowledge creation and circulation, development of new policies, product and service line development. We have also provided interim management services. In all our projects, we partner with our client and, as the foundation of our work, we emphasize knowledge creation, knowledge circulation and change management in order to drive societal impact.

Please find some examples of our completed projects below.

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Category management strategy

Working for 16 United Nations organizations (together representing more than 95% of the overall United Nations procurement spend), we carried out a comprehensive spend analysis and developed a category management strategy. Through a participatory approach, we identified opportunities for joint purchasing activities and a range of specific savings opportunities through procurement collaboration

Corporate training strategy

We developed a comprehensive procurement training strategy for multi-lateral organizations taking into account the specific needs of the various stakeholders of the procurement process as well as a range of further organizational requirements such as the available budget or the decentralized setup of the organization.

Procurement strategy

For several UN organizations, we analyzed the procurement strategy on a category level. Potential levels for improved spending efficiency were identified in particular in the fields of consolidated vendor management, standardization of specifications, and contract management.

Market segmentation and entry strategy

For a process-industry client, we developed a segment/industry strategy, with a demanding structure in terms of product complexity, quality requirements and competition. Based on a detailed business model for several market entry options, demand planning with key development drivers for key applications and geographies as well as sensitivity assessment, several strategies were prioritized.

Data analysis

For an international organization, we extracted the relevant procurement data from the ERP system with about 20 million data points. We analyzed and cleaned the data and ran a number of analyses on the data in order to help the organization meet its reporting requirements.

Procurement and Supply Chain Reports

For several international organizations, we have helped put together annual procurement reports which covered data analysis, data visualization and interpretation as well as broader procurement topics such as sustainability, compliance reports, due diligence, strategic outlook, and other topics.