We provide consulting and project management services in our four key areas of expertise.


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Pursuing appropriate responses to complex challenges is not an easy task – the implementation of a strategy helps to objectivize, systemize and prioritize. Naturally each challenge is unique and requires a specific answer and approach. We believe that a structured, analytical, participatory and data-based approach is the correct method to develop effective strategies for the complex challenges presented by our clients. In order to achieve tangible and sustained impact for our clients, our philosophy is to prioritize the needs and capabilities of our clients in a collaborative manner. We have successfully delivered projects on procurement optimization, market assessment, reorganization, innovation, and efficiency programs.

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We employ the following philosophy of Immanuel Kant: “There is nothing more practical than a good theory,” in our work in regards to the creation and practice of policy. We believe that policies can guide us through the challenges of our daily work. With a collaborative approach, we analyze cause and effect. We review projects, policies and procedures in order to make evaluations as to whether they provide the right incentives and deliver the right goods and services effectively and efficiently. We formulate policies and develop processes that are adapted to the needs of our clients and reliably deliver the appropriate product or service to drive social impact and change.

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Without proper execution, even the best strategy is futile. Therefore, we support and advise our clients in all areas of operations, e.g. procurement, business development, human resource management, information and communication technology, and general administration. The members of our team have served as line managers in leading international organizations and public sector institutions and have complemented this with experience in top-tier management consulting firms. We review, analyze and improve processes. We implement strategies and ensure that they have the envisioned impact. We help our clients measure progress and effectively and clearly communicate progress and performance to diverse sets of stakeholders.

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Every journey starts with the first step - in order to deliver lasting effects it is imperative to continue moving and evolving. In our experience, a key factor for sustained success is the integration of change management into every aspect of a project. We support our clients by designing this change management concept, creating a suitable change story, developing a range of adapted training, and even serve as interim managers if required. We have conducted many organizational change projects and thus possess the specific skillset to ensure that the newly created knowledge from each project is effectively distributed throughout our clients’ organization.

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We are committed to both providing value to society and creating positive social impact and change. Our consultants are deeply rooted in both top-tier consulting firms and high profile public sector organizations. This enables them to utilize proven toolsets while reflecting the specific needs of the public sector and development work. Our team brings deep functional expertise in procurement, logistics, supply chain management, market assessments, financial modeling and financing mechanisms, training and capacity development, and data mining and analysis.

We differentiate ourselves by creating sustainable solutions with our holistic approach:

  • Each member of our team is skilled in several functional areas and hands-on experience in development work
  • We build capacity by passing on knowledge and expertise to our clients and always take into account specific capabilities of our clients when designing and delivering projects.
  • We know that change management is a success requirement for many projects. Therefore, we integrate aspects of this field into every facet of the projects we deliver.

Project delivery

In our projects, we rely on our tried-and-tested project management approach:

  • Close alignment on project scoping and requirements
  • Structured problem-solving approach, driven by facts and data
  • Integration of change management requirements throughout project lifetime
  • Preparation of concrete actions with assigned responsibilities and timelines
  • Participatory and consultative approach, including multiple stakeholders
  • Reliance on strong and global network of experts and decision-makers
  • Effective project management or project management office